On Site Self-Consumption

Energy production equipment installation at the location it is consumed

Shared Self-consumption

Energy production equipment installation to be supplied to different consumers

Remote Self-Consumption

An agreement between the producer and consumer of the energy


Utility Scale (Solar Farms)

Utility Scale: power generation plants for sale to the grid.


On Site Self-Consumption

Energy generation that reduces the consumption of  the grid is self-consumption

Self-consumption is the best solution to climate change as it reduces dependence on fossil fuels from abroad and lowers the price of energy.

With the on-site self-consumption model, the photovoltaic plant is installed at the customer’s location to deliver energy directly to the point of consumption.

When the energy is delivered directly to the customer’s internal network, the customer doesn’t incur the costs of the transmission network nor the payment to the retailer. These are costs that notably increase the price of the final energy consumed.

Shared Self-Consumption

Shared self-consumption allows the energy generated to be consumed by more than one user.

Currently, in Spain, generation facilities can supply energy through shared self-consumption to all supply points within a radius of 500 meters from the point of generation to the point of consumption.

The energy distribution coefficients are established between the different users covered by the shared self-consumption model based on their needs.

With the shared self-consumption model, the costs of the transmission network and the cost of the retailer are not incurred. These costs notably increase the price of the final energy consumed.



Remote Self-Consumption

Remote self-consumption is an agreement an energy producer and consumer which includes an agreed price for the energy consumed.

Thanks to the economies of scale of large photovoltaic plants, a competitive energy price is obtained.

In this model, the buyer incurs the cost of the energy transmission network but not the cost of the retailer.

Utility Scale

Utility Scale: power generation plants for sale to the grid.

Renewable generation plants have different models:

Solar Farm: Fixed photovoltaic plant on the ground to obtain the energy at its own access point. 

Hybridation: A photovoltaic plant paired with another generation technology to obtain energy at the same access point.

Storage: Storage projects through solar pumping, hydrogen, and other clean technologies. 



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